Success is a Choice.

Success is not luck or destiny or fate, it is focus hard work and persistence. Success is a choice.

But then what is destiny and fate? Why is it so stereotypical to believe in fate or destiny? If becoming successful needs hard work then why doesn’t fate or destiny? What does it mean when we say “oh you know it was fate” or “it’s her destiny”? Can we really leave things upto fate and destiny to choose our path? Can we let them dictate our choice? And how do we even decide what is meant to be fate or what is our destiny? If you can choose your own path, then you should be able to decide/dictate your destiny or fate.

What is “whatever is meant to happen will happen” or “whatever happens;happens for the better”? Do these sentences just automatically disregard whatever has happened? Can it just cancel out whatever has happened? Like the positives balance out the negatives, can these sentences just balance out the circumstances?

These phrases just give more support and feed in more belief in the words destiny and fate. When they’re used in a positive sense, it’s an amazing thing. But can they really be used to back up a negative situation? Words and phrases like these just add salt to the wound of the hopeless, feeding them false hope. Because no, it is NOT OKAY that your life sucks and it is not okay for things to just happen because it’s in your destiny or it’s fate. I mean I didn’t fucking decide this fate. I don’t want my life to be this way. But what people forget is that it isn’t so easy to look at the positive side of things. It’s hard, fucking hard to be an optimistic when your life has been an humongous humouring ball of failure just standing right in front of you waiting for you to fail.

But unfortunately the only way to learn is to fail first; and each time you just try to do better. There’s a limit to one’s acceptance but once you cross the limit you know you’ve truly overcome your shortcomings and become a stronger person.

The road to becoming a stronger person is hard, there are a lot of bumps and potholes but it is the same road to becoming successful.

So choose to successful, and you’ll come out a stronger human.

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